How to Troubleshoot Arlo Cameras

How to Troubleshoot Arlo Cameras

, by Michael Bieker, 5 min reading time

This is how users can troubleshoot streaming issues with their Arlo Go security camera. If the issue persists even after performing these self help steps then users may contact Arlo support team for advanced assistance.

Is your Arlo Go security camera unable to stream the videos? if yes, then here’s the troubleshooting procedure that can be used for addressing the streaming issues with the Arlo Go security camera.

Arlo Go camera streaming issues can be mostly experienced if there is week LTE connectivity or an incompatible browser is being used. Other than these two considerable factors, there can be many more factors that can lead to streaming issues with Arlo Go camera. All of these contributing factors along with its troubleshooting steps have been discussed here to solve streaming problems.

Following are the reasons and troubleshooting steps for solving video streaming issues with Arlo Go security camera:

  1. Weak LTE Connectivity: This could be the very first reason for streaming issues. If the issue arises while live streaming the videos of Arlo Go security camera through a mobile device then users should check and ensure the respective mobile device is receiving adequate LTE signals. It is because week or no LTE signals can stop the streaming of videos.
  2. Use of Outdated version of Web browser: If the video streaming issue occurs while live the files through a computer then there could be two possible reasons for it. One reason can be the use of outdated browser version and another could be slow internet connectivity. So for this users may try to check the firmware version of their browser and get it updated in case it’s found to be outdated. If the firmware version is update then users should check the strength of internet signal being received by the computer. In case of week internet signal strength users should try to reset their modem and router. If no network improvement is noticed then one should contact the internet service provider for addressing the week or intermittent internet connectivity.
  3. Connectivity issue with cloud database: Streaming issues can occur if the Arlo Go security camera is unable to connect with cloud database even if it is receiving enough LTE signals. In this case, users may perform the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Check and ensure the SIM card being used for Arlo Go security camera is valid. For this, users my notice the behavior of its LED light. If the LED glows steady amber in color then it means either there is no SIM card or the inserted SIM card has been damaged due to any reason.
  • Ensure the inserted card is in active state and the data plan is available on it.
  1. LTE coverage issues: If the Arlo Go security camera is not within the LTE coverage range then this could also be the reason for streaming issues. So users should ensure their camera is correctly positioned within the LTE coverage range. LTE coverage issues can be simply judged by observing the behavior of camera’s LED lights. If the LED light glows and amber and slowly starts beeping then it means the camera is not within the LTE coverage range. So, in this case users should try to reposition their Arlo Security camera under the LTE coverage range to solve the streaming issues.
  2. Availability of minimum required LTE signal bars: The presence of minimum required LTE signal bars can solve the streaming issues with Arlo Go security camera. An Arlo Go camera requires minimum of three LTE signal bars to operate efficiently. In case of less than three LTE signal bars users may come across streaming issues. So to avoid this issue users must keep a check of number of LTE signal bars being received by their Arlo Go camera. Following are the steps for checking the LTE signal bars.
  • Open the Arlo application of browse to access your arlo account.
  • Soon as your Arlo account loads up on the screen, locate the “Settings” tab and click on it.
  • A list of Arlo cameras will show up on the screen. There select the Arlo Go camera whose LTE signals need to be verified.
  • Go to General settings.
  • Check the Network Mode and ensure it is configured to “Auto” mode. If in case the HSPA or HSPA+ band is selected then also users should opt for Auto mode. If LTE signal still shows less than 3 bars then users may try to reposition their Arlo Go camera at a place with better LTE coverage.
  • Bad weather condition and LTE network congestion can also lead to streaming issues. So in case of bad weather condition users may wait till the weather gets back to normal state and to eliminate LTE network congestion users should try to minimize the number of devices connecting to the network. After minimizing the number of devices users may check if there is any improvement in LTE coverage.
  1. Users must ensure their Arlo Go security camera is placed at a minimum of 6.5 feet of distance from Wi-Fi supported devices.  These may include big metallic objects, cemented walls, large stones etc. The presence of such objects can cause LTE signal interference.
  2. Ensure the battery of Arlo Go camera isn’t low. It is because low battery can lead to intermittent streaming issues. Users may go through the following steps for checking the battery level of their Arlo Go security camera.
  • Open the Arlo app or browse and access your arlo account by submitting the account sign in credentials.
  • Once the Arlo account opens up, go to the Devices feed section and try to locate the Arlo Go security camera.
  • Click on the icon labeled as “gear.”
  • The battery icon will become visible. It the icon seems to be yellow or red in color then it means the battery needs to be charged or replaced by the fully charged another battery. If battery icon seems to be black in color then it means the battery is fine and is not responsible for streaming issues.

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